Title: Break the Silence
Artist: Nick Jonas
Played: 3821 times


Break the Silence — this is a demo Nick recorded in 2011 and that has been posted on the Daily New Jams website here you can also download it from there :)


It is just so beautiful and flawless! I personally need M O R E.


this is one of the sweetest gestures i’ve ever seen. i mean, most of the models would’ve just walked away and leave that poor girl there, on the ground.



he’s perfect


Nick on Broadway : Link Larkin in Haispray -> performing It Takes Two. (and driving the whole audience wild also)

Since we didn’t get the “joick in terrible christmas sweaters” picture we all wanted I decided to pretend this picture existed and made this manip. World you’re welcome (I’m exaggerating a bit right aren’t I?)

PS : I apologize if it sucks it’s only the 6th time or something that I try to make one okay. 


Nick visiting the Los Angeles Children Hospital. 
They sang christmas song and this is highly adorable. Look at that face. #cutie